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May 25, 2016
Most recent letter available for commentary:
Æthelmearc Internal Letter of Intent AE184
Letter is dated May 9, 2016

Commentary is due on June 9, 2016
Commenting options:
  • Commentary may to posted to the Kingdom OSCAR commentary system. Registration is required. Log on at:
  • Commentary may be posted to the list-serve at: aethel-heralds at lists dot andrew dot cmu dot edu
  • Commentary may be sent privately to: garnetherald at aeheralds dot net

CURRENT SUBMISSIONS ADDRESS - (EFFECTIVE 3/23/16) All submissions forms and checks (please no stapled papers or cash) should be sent to:

Garnet Herald
c/o C L Napolitano, 619 Montour Street, Coraopolis, PA 15108


REMINDER - The fee for all heraldic submissions  to the AEthelmearc College of Heralds is now $6.00 per item.

Markers - Please use markers, rather than colored pencils or crayons to color your submissions forms. Both colored pencils and crayons have wax, which can present problems for the scanners and photocopiers. Also, the color is not deep enough to scan well. Laurel has returned such items in the past. The crayola brand markers are preferred by the College of  Arms.

Computer Images:

Firstly, the inks you use in your printer MUST be archival quality and lightfast. Most archival inks are pigment-based media, rather than true inks. Unfortunately, most computer printers that are affordable do not use such inks. (I use a Canon Pixma MP-500, which is not super expensive and does use pigment-based "inks" which are waterproof, lightfast, and are rated for archival quality up to 75 years.)

If you are considering using computer generated forms, please test your printer's inks first. We recommend printing out swatches of the heraldic colors and hanging them outside in direct sunlight. If there is any fading or color shift, do NOT use those inks on submission forms!

The second condition that computer-generated forms must meet is to match, as closely as possible, the hues of the Crayola marker set. It may take an hour or so of experipenting to see what on-screen colors will yield the right hue when printed on a particuar printer, but it is time well-spent. It doesn't matter what it looks like on screen. What matters is the print-out.

Color Photocopies - Color photocopies are notorious for color shifting over time. Some color-copied submission have had their purples shift so much between the time that they were printed and the time that they were reviewed by the College that they have been returned. If you want to use color photocopies, please do a lightfastness test. Make a page of color samples using Caryola markers and have it color photocopied. Hang the copy in direct sunlight (NOT through UV filtering glass!) and check for fading or color shifting. If all looks good after a few weeks, then you know that that particular color copier in okay to use. Another model of color copier might not use the same toners, so if your copy center changes color copiers, do another test.

The Award, Guild & Officers' Badges of Æthelmearc - WORK IN PROGRESS

I am putting together a webpage showing all of the currently registered award, guild and officer's badges as used in our glorious Sylvan Kingdom. You can view the current version at

Please send any corrections, suggestions and comments to Alheydis

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