Court Reports of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Malcolm and Tessa II
July 15, AS 41 (2006)
Anniversary of the Founding of St. Swithin's  Bog
Barony of St. Swithin's Bog

Being the Report of the Court of Their Majesties, Malcolm and Tessa,  King and Queen of Æthelmearc with Their Excellencies, Quinn and  Vivienne, Baron and Baroness of St. Swithin's Bog and Eric and Katja,  Baron and Baroness of Thescorre in attendance.  Court held July 15,  AS 41 (2006) upon the Anniversary of the Founding of St. Swithin's  Bog  in Their Barony of St. Swithin's Bog. Giulietta da Venezia,  Reporting Herald, with the assistance of Dame Margaret Makafee and  Lady Sara de Lindley, Silent Herald.

Their Majesties proclaimed that, earlier in the day upon the field of  combat, Ludwig von Strassburg was made a Companion of the Gage and  granted arms for his prowess in heavy weapons combat.

Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla was made a Companion of the Sycamore  for his skill in leatherworking and teaching, and particularly for  the very nice boots he makes.  Scroll by THLady Roberta McMorland.

Etain Eame was made a Companion of the Keystone for her service as  event steward and cook.  Scroll scrivened by THLady Hrefna in heppna  Thorgrimsdottir and limned by Her Excellency, Arianna of Wynthrope.

Quinn and Vivienne, Baron and Baroness of St. Swithin's Bog,  presented gifts to Their Majesties.

Their Majesties called forth Don Iago Benitez,  Don Annanias Fenne,  Lady Alessandra Bentivegna da Faenza, called Yasmina, Don Christian  Amaury de Launey, Don Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla, Don Quinn Kerr,  Don Lodowick of Grays Inn, Don Rian Gortyroyan, Lady Illadore de  Bedegrayne, Don Eric Grenier de Labarre and Lord Ivan Piotrovic  Pevcov, named each of them as Rapier Champions of Æthelmearc, charged  them to stand fast and defend our Kingdom at the upcoming Great  Pennsic War, and presented each a ring in recognition of their status  as Champions.

Katherine of Oakden was made a Companion of the Keystone for her  skill in sewing, and for her dedication in seeing that no new gentle  lacks for fine garments.  Scroll to be forthcoming.

Deryk Archer was recognized as the newest Grandmaster Bowman of  Æthelmearc, and presented the medallion commemorating his  achievement.  Medallion by Lord Loichlainn mac Faolain Bhain.

Deryk Archer was made a Companion of the Golden Alce for his prowess  upon the archery range.  Scroll scrivened by Lady Anlaith ingen Trena  and limned by Lady Juliana Delamere.

Henry of Maldon was made a Companion of the Fleur d'Æthelmearc and  granted arms for his many years of teaching and research in the art  of dance, and particularly for his willingness to travel far and wide  to teach any who would learn.  Scroll scrivened by THLady Alienor  Russeal and limned by Lady Vivienne of Yardley.

Bastiano di Iacopo was made a Companion of the Cornelian in  recognition of his exemplary courtesy.  Scroll by Dona Sasha Gray.

Lord Thomas Lestrange was presented the scroll commemorating his  advancement into the Order of the Keystone.  Scroll by Her  Excellency, Gillian Llewellyn of Ravenspur.

Lia di Padova was made a Companion of the Keystone for her many years  of service to the Shire of Sylvan Glen and to the Kingdom of  Æthelmearc.  Scroll by Lady Marija Kotok.

Their Majesties presented gifts to the young people present, and bid  them continue to brighten our events.

Their Majesties named Lady Renata Rouge, called the Posh Rot Their  Arts and Sciences Champion, and presented as her prize a lovely  collar made by the hand of Her Excellency, Charmaine of Falkensee.   Scroll scrivened by Mistress Cynthia Love of the Tower and limned by  Lady Kathryn de Lyon de Savoie.

Liam O'Ceallaigh was made a Companion of the Sycamore for his skill  at brewing and making cordials, and for the delight his creations  bring to one and all.  Scroll by Mistress Katerina Affodil.

Mistress Cynthia Love of the Tower took Lady Kathryn de Lyon de  Savoie as her protege.

Aurora von Passau was made a Companion of the Sycamore for her skill  in the culinary arts, and for her willingness to feed the populace  and keep them happy.  Scroll scrivened by Lady Anlaith ingen Trena  and limned by Lady Juliana Delamere.

Their Majesties presented gifts to those gentles attending their very  first event.

Griffin Fraser was recognized as a Companion of the Sycamore for his  skill in making banners and chainmail.  Scroll to be forthcoming.

Their Majesties announced that They would be pleased to receive  arrows from those wishing to shoot for the Kingdom at the upcoming  Great Pennsic War, and that those wishing to pledge an arrow might do  so during the duration of the event, or even at the Great Pennsic War  itself.

Their Majesties asked Her Excellency, Sara Charmaine of Falkensee to  attend Them.  They spoke of Their delight in Charmaine's beautiful  clothing, and asked whether she had received counsel regarding a  question They had put to her at Their Coronation. They then invited  the Companions of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel to attend Them,  and the Order confirmed that Charmaine had received their counsel, as  well as that of many others.  Their Majesties asked to hear of  Charmaine's virtues:  Dame Cynthia Love of the Tower and Dame  Vivienne Marie de Beauvais spoke in praise of Charmaine's many years  of service, clothing members of her Barony, drafting patterns, and  teaching skills with the needle.  His Grace, Sir Rurik Longsword  spoke of Charmaine's chivalrous nature, and of her courage in serving  alone as the founding Baroness of St. Swithin's Bog.  Her Grace,  Dorinda Courtenay spoke of Charmaine's gentility and courtesy, and of  the lovely example she sets for one and all.  Master Quinn Kerr spoke  in verse of Charmaine's art, of the beauty of her creations, and of  the love she inspires in the populace of her Barony.  Being most  pleased by all They had heard, Their Majesties then asked if  Charmaine would accept elevation that day.  Having received her  assent, Their Majesties called for the regalia of Charmaine's new  station:  a robe, presented by Charmaine's lady mother, Lady Sara of  Longone; a medallion, the gift of Dame Vivienne Marie de Beauvais;  and a wreath, presented by Mistress Cynthia Love of Tower; Their  Majesties then created Charmaine a Companion of the Most Noble Order  of the Laurel, and granted her arms by letters patent.  After  receiving her Oath of Fealty, Their Majesties then presented Dame  Charmaine of Falkensee to the cheering populace.  Scroll by His  Excellency, Tristan Alexander.

The Court of Their Majesties was closed.