Court Reports of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Christopher and Morgen
September 16, AS 41 (2006)
Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands

Being the Report of the Court of Their Majesties, Christopher and  Morgen, King and Queen of Æthelmearc with the Landed Nobility of the  Kingdom of Æthelmearc in attendance.  Court held September 16, AS 41  (2006) at Coronation in Their Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands.  Giulietta da Venezia, Reporting Herald, with the assistance of Dame  Margaret Makafee.

At the request of Their Graces, Malcolm and Tessa, Their Majesties  gave Sigils of Æthelmearc  to Madeleine de l'Este and Anlaith ingen  Trena.

Their Majesties received His Excellency, Alejandro Mateo Ramirez, the  Ambassador of Their Majesties, Ragnarr and Anneke, King and Queen of  Atlantia.  The Ambassador presented gifts to Their Majesties and to  the populace, and spoke with great eloquence of the friendship  between our two Kingdoms and of the affection of Their Atlantian  Majesties for Their Majesties of Æthelmearc.

Amelia was awarded arms for her courtesy and her helpful service to  her Kingdom and her local group.  Scroll scrivened by THLady Hrefna  in heppna Thorgrimsdottir and limned by S. Lovechild.

Bors was awarded arms for his prowess at heavy weapons combat, and  for his courtesy and helpfulness.  Scroll by THLady Hrefna in heppna  Thorgrimsdottir.

Morgan Holte was awarded arms for his devotion to the arts martial,  and for his willingness to teach these arts to others.  Scroll by  Lady Marija Kotok.

The Companions of the White Scarf presented the token of Their Order  to Her Majesty, and entreated her to wear it in their honor.

His Excellency, Jehan de la Marche presented a gift of an escarbuncle  pendant to Their Majesties on behalf of Master Lugh the Black.  Their  Majesties expressed Their gratitude, as well as their hope for the  improvement of Master Lugh's health.

Minamoto no Taikawa Saiaiko was made a Companion of the Sycamore for  her research and skill in Japanese arts and culture, including making  houses and clothing.  Scroll upon an ancient slate by THLord Date  Saburou Yukiie, upon a text by His Excellency, Ogami Akira.

Jebediah ap Hwyll, called Cobra, was made a Companion of the Golden  Alce and awarded arms for his many years of service as a crafty scout  for the Kingdom of Æthelmearc.  Scroll by THLady Alessandra  d'Avignon, upon a text by Her Excellency, Aidan ni Leir.

Lady Zoe Akropolitina announced the results of the day's Youth  Tournament, and presented prizes to the combatants.  Their Majesties  chose Lasher as Their Youth Champion, and invested him with the  regalia of his new station.  Blockprint scroll by Don Bastiano di  Iacopo, scrivened by THLady Antoinette de la Croix, upon a text by  His Excellency, Henri d'Artois.

THLady Odriana vander Brugghe presented the unsigned woodcut chosen  by Their Majesties as the winning entry in Their Arts and Sciences  Competition, in the hopes that the artist might be identified and  recognized.  The work proved to be by the hand of Lady Fredeburg von  Katzenellenbogen, who was named Their Majesties Arts and Sciences  Champion, and invested with the regalia of her new station.  Scroll  scrivened by Her Grace, Anna Blackleaf and limned by THLady Keran  Roslin.

Don Annanias Fenne announced the results of the Queen's Rapier  Tournament, in which William Paris had proven victorious.  Their  Majesties then invested William Paris as Queen's Rapier Champion,  invested him with the regalia of his new station, and bid him take  his place at Their side.  Blockprint scroll by Don Bastiano di  Iacopo, scrivened by THLady Antoinette de la Croix, upon a text by  Don Corwin Montgomery.

Rurik Longsword was made a Companion of the Millrind for his many  years of service in fetching and carrying anything for everyone, for  teaching others to be helpful to all, and particularly for his  service in maintaining open roadways at the Great Pennsic War through  the enforcement of the regulations concerning parking of vehicles.   Scroll scrivened by Her Excellency, Angelique Chastellain de Beauvais  and limned by Lady Aibell Suil-uaine, upon a text unknowingly  composed by His Grace, Rurik Longsword.

Angelique Chastellain de Beauvais was made a Companion of the  Millrind for her many years of service herding tables, chairs,  vehicles, persons and any other object that needs to be moved, and  most particularly for her judicious enforcement of the vehicle  parking regulations at the Great Pennsic War.  Scroll limned by Lady  Aibell Suil-uaine, scrivened and authored by Her Excellency, Daedra  MacBeth a Gryphon.

Their Majesties invited Sir Aengus MacBain into Their Presence, and  asked whether he had had sufficient time to consider his proposed  elevation to the Most Noble Order of the Laurel.  Sir Aengus  indicated that he had considered well Their Majesties' question, and  if it be Their Will and that of the Order, he would be most pleased  to join their number.  Their Majesties asked if others would speak of  Aengus' virtues to the populace; after hearing the words of Sir Kadan  Chakilghan ger on Echen; Her Grace, Dorinda Courtenay; His  Excellency, Sir Haakon Thorvaldsson, called Oaktall (delivered by  Lady Anne, his protege); Maestra Giulietta da Venezia, Their  Majesties called forth Their Most Noble Order of the Laurel, and  asked for representatives to speak for Aengus.  Master Tofi  Kerthjalfadsson spoke in praise of Aengus, and Master Emrys Eustace,  hight Broom, declared in Latin and the vernacular that on this day,  Aengus was indeed prettier than him!  Being well pleased with all  They had heard, Their Majesties invested Aengus with a medallion  representative of his new station, being the same medallion presented  to Aengus' lady, Yvianne de Castel d'Avignon by Aengus upon her own  elevation to the same Order.  Their Majesties then created Aengus  MacBain a Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Laurel, and  received his Oath of Fealty.  Scroll by Maitresse Yvianne de Castel  d'Avignon.

Their Majesties summoned Master Creature Twyne Dragon before Them,  and commended his efforts in readying the site for Their Coronation.   They noted that this was not the first occasion upon which Creador  had served quietly in this capacity, and also noted that he had been  instrumental in helping the Kingdom grow and develop through his  efforts on behalf of his Shire of Kings Crossing.  Their Majesties  then called forth the Companions of the Most Noble Order of the  Pelican and caused a Writ to be served upon Master Creature directing  him to appear before Them at a date of Their choosing, to accept  elevation to said Order.  Scroll by Her Excellency, Graidhne ni Ruaidh.

Their Majesties thanked everyone for attending and for helping to  make Their Coronation such a lovely day, noted their delight in  seeing several gentles who had been absent from the Realm, and  expressed Their wishes to see everyone again at events throughout  Their Reign.

The Court of Their Majesties was closed.