Court Reports of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Khalek and Branwyn
November 10, AS 47 (2012)
Æthelmearc Academy
Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

The Report of the Court of Their Majesties Khalek and Branwyn, Khan and Khatun of Aethelmearc, held at Aethelmearc Academy in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael on the tenth day of November anno societatis xxxxvii with Her Highness Liadain, Princess of Aethelmearc, in attendance, Maistir Brandubh Ó Donnghaile, Silver Buccle, with the assistance of THLady Ysabeau Tiercelin.

Morning Court.

Their Majesties invited Baroness Morgan Argante Elandris to attend Them.  They spoke to her of unending service to the Rhydderich Hael, holding many offices, and serving as war leader, and now her work with the equestrian program.  Their Majesties were shocked to find that Aethelmearc had never recognized her decades of service to the region, and so They inducted her into the Order of the Keystone.  Scroll limned by Baroness Boudiccea Ravenhair and scrivened by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Their Majesties then called forth THLady Roxanne de St Luc.  They had sent her on a task when last They spoke, and They inquired if she had made all the preparations and was willing to see Their Majesties’ will done.  Roxanne replied that she was so prepared, and Their Majesties called forth the Order of the Laurel and instructed them to take Roxanne forth and give her their counsel.

Evening Court.

Their Majesties invited the staff of the Aethelmearc Academy to attend Them, THLady Odriana vander Brugghe, the chancellor of the Academy, Baron Liam Mac an Tsaoir, the Dean of the War College, and Mistress Alianor de Ravenglas, the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister.  They thanked all of the teachers who had attended and taught and also all who came to take classes and learn, for without them the teachers would have no one to teach, and they thanked Their Majesties and Her Highness for attending and supporting the Academy.

Their Majesties then spoke of Their Arts and Sciences Champion, THLady Anlaith ingen Trena had not been able to attend the event, but a challenge had been issued, and the artisans of the Kingdom had brought forth their wares.  Their Majesties had judged the entries and found favor with the embroidered Pelican Hood the Baroness Katryne of Bakestonden, and called her forward and invited her to join Their retinue as Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion.  Scroll by Lady Alyce Green.

THLady Mary Elizabeth Clason was called forward and Their Majesties spoke to her of her generous gifts to the kingdom.  She makes scrolls for so many across the barony and the kingdom, as well as served as deputy Kingdom signet.  For this Their Majesties inducted her into the Order of the Millrind.  Scroll limned by Mistress Gillian Llwelyn and scrivened by Duchess Anna Blackleaf, pin from Mistress Gillian Llwelyn.

Their Majesties invited Mistress Elisabeth Johanna von FLossenberg to attend Them, as Their Majesties had something that belonged to her.  They then produced her Laurel Scroll which had been completed by THLady Ysabeau Tiercelin and presented it to her.

Their Majesties then received THLady Roxanne de St Luc, and Master Morien ap Rhys came forward and spoke to Their Majesties that this woman was his apprentice and that he had yet some business with her.  Master Morien then released Roxanne from his service, took back her green belt, and tore apart their contract.  He then presented Roxanne to Their Majesties as a free woman to answer for herself.  Their Majesties then spoke to Roxanne to ask if she had received council from the Peers of the realm and was still willing to accept entrance into the Order of the Laurel.  Their Majesties then invited the Order of the Laurel to join Them.  They called for witnesses to speak, and heard the words of Duchess Morgen of Rye as a Royal Peer, and Duke Christopher Rawlyns as a Pelican, Sir Ogami Akira as a Knight and Master Morien ap Rhys as a Laurel.  Their Majesties then called for regalia, Sir Ogami brought forth a coat made by THLord Ishiyama Gen’tarou Yori’ie and Lady Hara of the Debatable Lands, with a laurel wreath, each leaf a different silk from members of the Clan Yama Kaminari.  Maistresse Una de Saint Luc spoke that she would be proud to offer her sister her Laurel Medallion.  Master Morien then presented Roxanne with a Laurel Wreath with repusse leaves made by Baroness Ceol Seabhac.  Their Majesties received Roxanne’s oath of service to the Crown and Kingdom of Aethelmearc and presented her with a scroll in progress limned by THLady Sthurrim Caithnes, scrivened by THLady Sophie Davenport, words by Sir Ogami Akira.

The Khan and Khatun bid the Order of the Laurel to stay a moment longer as they still had business with them, and called forth Baroness Ceol Seabhac.  They spoke to her of her love for music, training others, singing and instrumental, she had even learned Japanese flute for Roxanne’s vigil, and she created works of art in metal with repusse.  Their Majesties then commanded her to return to Them at Ice Dragon to answer whether she would accept elevation to the Order of the Luarel, and commended her to the keeping of that Order.  Scroll by the hands of Lady Liadin ni Chleirigh na Coille.

Their Majesties spoke to the assembled crowd then that They had a lovely day of learning, and even got to get Their hands dirty, and hoped that all in attendance had had the same pleasure.  They were pleased to see the Kingdom gather and learn from one another, and without this quest for knowledge our society would be much less than we have made it.

Court Closed.