Order of the White Horn

The order of high merit from Ęthelmearc for pursuit of thrown weapons.

Induction into this Order confers a Grant of Arms if the recipient has not already received one.

The badge of the order is (Fieldless) A hunting horn argent.

Connor M'Eleam1999-01-02Principal
Cedric the Humble1999-07-10
Dyan of Caledonia1999-07-10
Cynwulf Rendell1999-10-02
Henri d'Artois2000-05-06
Tessa the Huntress2001-09-15Resigned 2010-07-14
Kaji Katana2002-01-26
Sibyl Cairnfalcon2002-02-09
Berengaria de Hainault2002-08-14
Susan of Foxmeadow2002-09-14
Anna Eisenkopf2002-11-09
Charles of Alden2004-03-06
Augusto Giuseppe da San Donato2005-09-10
Eleanore Godwin2005-09-10
Alexander Caithnes of Wyk2006-06-10
Rannveigr Haakonardottir2006-06-10
Constantine Blackhart2007-03-17
Aquila d'Athos2009-06-27
Shishido Tora2009-08-06
Antonio de Luna2010-03-27
Caleb Reynolds2010-09-25
Muirgel ingen Gilla Comgaill2011-03-26
Magdalena Binder2011-04-09
Kenn the Just2013-06-15
Gunther Grunbaum2014-09-06
Rois O'Faye2014-09-30
Anlaith ingen Trena2014-10-04
Rosalinda of Castile2016-04-09
Tigernach mac Cathail2017-01-07