Archive of Æthelmearc Submission Letters

Here you will find all the Internal and External Letters of Intent and Letters of Report issued by the Garnet office, as well as the Letters of Acceptances and Returns issued by the Laurel office relevant to those letters. If you need information from a letter that you do not see listed here, email Golden Thorn.

What are the different types of letters?

For more information about the submission process, consult the FAQ.

Internal Letter of Intent
Issued by the Garnet office to Æthelmearc heralds (as well as a few heralds from other Kingdoms). Contains all items submitted to the Garnet office.
External Letter of Intent
Issued by the Garnet office to the the Laurel Office, the Sovereigns and the College of Arms. Contains all items recommended by the Garnet Office for registration.
Letter of Report
Issued by the Garnet office, contains the decisions made for each item on the Internal Letter.
Letter of Acceptances and Returns
Issued by the Laurel Office, contains the final decisions make by Pelican and Wreath. The Cover Letter for the LoAR also contains other important announcements and information from the Sovereign offices to the College of Arms.