Pennsic Traceable Art Project

This project was begun as a response to the volume of heraldic art being sought every year at the consult table at Pennsic. Our heraldic artists were being worked overtime and then some, often on the same common charges.

The charges you'll find here are compiled mostly from their work. Many artists contributed, and this is not intended to replace any of them. But hopefully it will be a useful tool for those heralds unfortunate enough to not have a local heraldic artist or for consult tables where the submitters greatly outnumber the artists.

This is obviously not a comprehensive catalogue of charges, and it never will be. It is a reasonably large selection of many common charges, and it will continue to be updated with new charges (hopefully twice a year). And I look forward to any suggestions you have for how this project can be improved.

An online Table of Contents is available. Each entry is linked to a pdf file of the page for just that charge.

Pennsic Traceable Art, edition 3.0 - Compiled and edited by Ailis Linne. © by Erin Childs, 2004-2009; all rights reserved. This work may be duplicated in whole or in part for SCA use provided copyright credit is given and no changes are made.