Court Reports of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Malcolm and Tessa
July 23, AS 40 (2005)
Pax Interruptus
Barony of Thescorre

Being the Report of the Court of Their Royal Majesties, Malcolm and Tessa, King and Queen of Æthelmearc.  Court held on July 23, AS 40 (2005) at Pax Interruptus in Their Barony of Thescorre.  Giulietta da Venezia, Reporting Herald, with the assistance of THLady Matilda Bosvyle de Bela Acqua.

Their Majesties invited Master Bedwyr Danwyn into Their Presence, to answer the question whether he would accept elevation to the Most Noble Order of the Laurel for his skill at gunnery and making lighting devices.  Master Bedwyr indicated that he would accept the accolade, whereupon the heralds began to read the scroll.  Upon hearing the word “fire,” His Majesty interrupted and asked if the herald had said “fire.”  Since she had, His Majesty called for the “21 gum salute,” and began pelting Master Bedwyr and the populace with small squares of a substance labeled “Bazooka.”  The herald then declared that Their Majesties had a Dead Welshman in Their Court.  Phillippe, the Thescorre Chirurgeon and Dead Guy Collector appeared, crying, “Bring out your dead!” and attempted to take Master Bedwyr away, over the Master’s protests that he was not dead.  After some argument, Phillippe asked His Majesty to do the math―as Bedwyr was born in 550 A.D., and the gunnery for which he was to be recognized dates from 1450 A.D., it is not possible for him to be 900 years old.  Phillippe produced appropriate paperwork proving that the death had occurred, and called
for a winding sheet for the still-protesting Bedwyr, whereupon Bedwyr’s protests were stilled by a good bonk upon the noggin with a very large boffer.  Bedwyr, having fallen well and truly dead, was taken away to the Instant Changing Room by Phillippe.  To be continued...

Gwenhwyvar verch Morwyn was made a Companion of the Keystone for her service at demonstrations, for her donation of lovely scroll cases for gift baskets, and for her generosity in teaching many classes about clothing.  Scroll scrivened by Juliana Stafford and illuminated by Lady Fenris McGill.

Cathain inghen Bheth was awarded arms for her service as Chancellor Minor and for the many hours she has spent seeing to the comforts of Baroness and Queen alike.  Scroll scrivened by Lady Pleasance de Coignieres and limned by Lord Eldjarn the Thoghtful.

Raibert was awarded arms for his service in many kitchens and at many events, and for his prowess at heavy weapons combat.  Scroll by Mairghread ui Stilbhard uu Coinn (Margaret Stewart Quinn).

Alheydis von Korckhingen was made a Companion of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc and granted arms for her skill in scribal arts and music.  Promissory scroll scrivened by Lady Colette de Paris and limned by Her Excellency, Una de Saint Luc, upon a text by His Excellency, Sir Ogami Akira.

Rian Gortyroyan was made a Companion of the Fleur d’Æthelmearc for his skill in the art of brewing.  Scroll to be forthcoming.

Constantine of Clan Blackhart was made a Companion of the Golden Alce for his skill at thrown weapons and his service as Their Majesties’ Thrown Weapons Champion.  Scroll by Her Excellency, Ekaterina Volkova.

Their Majesties invited Their Arts and Sciences champion, THLady Rowena nic Donnchaidh into Their Presence, and presented the scroll created to commemorate her achievement.  They also indicated that Their predecessors had neglected to do something, and that They were minded to remedy the situation posthaste.  They then created Rowena nic Donnchaidh a Companion of the Sycamore.  Scroll scrivened by an anonymous scribe and limned by Lady Aine O’Muirghesan.

Nicholas Dartmoor was awarded arms for his prowess at heavy weapons combat, and for his helpfulness to others when it is most needed.  Scroll to be forthcoming.

Vettius was awarded arms for his prowess at heavy weapons combat, and for his service in Her Majesty’s Guard.  Scroll by THLady Anna Eisenkopf.

Lara Sukhadrev was awarded arms for her skill at dancing and illumination.  Scroll scrivened by THLady George Anne and limned by Lady Marija Kotok.

Their Majesties invited Maximilian Schilling (sometimes known as Bedwyr Danwyn) into Their Presence, and directed Their herald to continue reading the scroll commemorating his induction into the Most Noble Order of the Laurel.  Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa also presented Maximilian a hat, cloak and wreath appropriate to his persona.  Scroll by THLady  Alheydis von Korckingen.

Cedric the Humble was made a Companion of the Keystone for his many years to his Barony and Kingdom, and especially for his service to the archery community.  Scroll by Lady Colette de Paris.

Their Majesties announced that Timothy of Edgewood had won the day’s Seven Pearls Thrown Weapons Tournament.

The Court of Their Majesties was closed.