Court Reports of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Isenwulf and Rosalinda
October 29, AS 46 (2011)
Artisans Challenge and Gold Chain Tournament
Shire of Stormsport

The Report of the Court of Their Royal Majesties Isenwulf and Rosalinda, King and Queen of Aethelmearc, held at the Artisans Challenge and Gold Chain Tournament in the Shire of Stormsport on the twenty-ninth day of October anno societatis 46, Master Brandubh Ó Donnghaile, Silver Buccle, with the assistance of THLady Sophie Davenport.

Their Majesties Invited the Autocrats Duke Duncan van Halstern and Duchess Ilish O’Donovan to speak on the events of the day.  Duchess Ilish thanked all the teachers of the day and presented tokens to Baron Artemius Andreas Magnus as the populace had voted him the most popular teacher o the day, and to Don Christian Amaury de Launey for teaching rapier tactics and techniques throughout the day.  Duke Duncan thanked the Knights for coming and teaching and announced that the unbelted tourney had been won by THLord Tiberius Pinarius Varro.  Duchess Ilish then presented tokens of thanks to Their Majesties for coming to their event.

THLady Roxanne de St Luc was called forward as the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion, that day THLady Roxanne had hosted an Arts and Sciences competition, and invited all the entrants forward: Lady Esa Baird, Lady Phelippe Ulfsdotter, Don Anais Fenne, Lady Renata l’Rouge, Maestra Gianna di Aurelio, and THLord Fintan na Coilled.  Her Majesty Rosalinda presented all who had competed with tokens in thanks for their entries, however only one could be the winner, and Their Majesties recognized Maestra Gianna di Aurelio as the populace choice for the competition for the Pelican scroll that she had entered in the competition and presented her a scroll limned by Lady Kathryn MacLuing and scrivened by Catherine Wolfe.  Their Majesties then announced that They had chosen THLord Fintan na Coilled to stand as Their new Arts and Sciences Champion for his Scribal Desk, and presented him with the regalia of the Arts and Sciences Champion, and thanked THLady Roxanne for her service to the Kingdom.  Scroll by Dame Margaret Makafee.

Their Majesties called for Dona Katherine Vivans to attend Them.  They had seen her class that day on creating glass beads, and had eaten her cheeses and breads, and heard of her teaching of the arts in the kitchens.  For all of her activities, it pleased Their Majesties to induct her into the Order of the Sycamore.  Scroll by THLady Sophie Davenport.

King Isenwulf then noted that he was feeling a bit puckish, and called for the his Chef to come forth from the Kitchens.  The Chef came forth speaking in foreign a foreign tongue, and eventually convincing Their Majesties that Lady Phelippe Ulfsdotter was in fact the needed in court.  Their Majesties noted that that had seen much of Lady Phelippe of late and seen her sewing creations, her embroidery was entered in Their Arts and Sciences Championship, they had seen her tablet weaving and her woodworking, and now They saw that she was inducted into the Order of the Sycamore for her diverse arts.  Scroll by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix.

Lady Aibell Shuluaine was called forth, and Their Majesties noted that they had seen much of her over the past years.  She called tourney lists as herald, sat behind the tables as Ministress of the Lists, helped guide the populace in arms and device registration, created scrolls and assisted in their presentation as a court herald, and been a constant supporter of The crown.  This service had been granted both in Aethelmearc and also in the Kingdom of the Middle.  For this Their Majesties called for the Order of the Millrind to attend greet their newest member, THLady Suilean into their ranks, and Baron Vladisla Nikulich presented her with his medallion.  Scroll by Mistress Antoinette de la Croix upon a text by Maestra Giulietta da Venezia.

Their Majesties thanked the populace who had braved the weather that day for coming and enjoying the day’s classes, fighting, and thrown weapons range, and thanked all the teachers, fighters, marshals, scribes, artisans and event staff for their hard works in bring the event to life.

Court Closed.