Court Reports of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Timothy and Gabrielle
December 7, AS 48 (2013)
Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship
Dominion of Myrkfaelinn

Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Timothy and Gabrielle, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Their Court at Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, 7 December Anno Societatis XLVIII, in the Dominion of Myrkfaelinn. As recorded by Baronsfrú Oðindisa Býkona, Fleur d'Æthelmearc Herald, with the assistance of THLord Malcomus Willelmi.

Their Majesties thanked the event staff and the populace for a wonderful event. They were overwhelmed by the knowledge and beauty displayed. They were proud of the effort all the artisans put into their displays.

Their Majesties invited Their cousins, Their Highnesses of the East, Brennen and Caoilfhionn, to join them. Their Highnesses East presented gifts to Their Majesties and Highnesses Æthelmearc. As They did, His Highness, Brennen announced that He would pause before proclaiming the greatness of East Kingdom artisans as They had seen so many beautiful works of art today in Æthelmearc. Their Majesties thanked Their Highnesses of the East for Their gifts and traveling to the event this day.

Robert of Myrkfaelinn was awarded a Silver Buccle for his dedication and service in moving tables and chairs at events and set-up and tear down of archery ranges. Scroll illuminated by THL Aibell Shuluaine and calligraphed by THL Sthurrim Caithnes.

Maired O’Feargheil was Awarded Arms for jumping into the Society with both feet. enjoying both arts and serving at events. She works hard at troll, with retaining, and helping with the children. Scroll by Duchess Branwyn ferch Gwythyr.

Antonius the Oaf was elevated to the Order of the Golden Alce and Awarded Arms in absentia for his service at demos and his unwavering reliability on the front lines of the fighting fields of Pennsic War. Scroll illuminated by Baroness Julianna Rosalia dolce de Sienna and calligraphed by Lord Pádraig Ó Branduibh.

Elspeth of Wurm Wald was inducted into the Order of the Sycamore and Awarded Arms for being an amazing fiber artist who patiently teaches anyone who will listen. She spins uncarded wool into the finest threads. She also does hand sewing, embroidery, and illumination. Scroll illuminated by Baroness Maol mide ingen Medra and calligraphed by Catherine Wolf.

Their Majesties spoke about the hard decision They faced when choosing the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion. There were so many beautiful displays that They could not pick just one.

His Majesty talked about the display that had inspired Him the most. He requested that Lady Svana in kyrra forward. His Majesty spoke of the variety and quality of her display and that He had enjoyed speaking with her about her art. For this, He named Lady Svana as King’s Choice and presented her with a token.

Her Majesty first recognized the two children who entered the competition. She encouraged Robert and Katriana of Myrkfaelinn to continue working on their arts. Her Majesty then requested Mistress Matilda Bosvyle de Belle Aqua come forward. She spoke of how lovely her dress and display was. How Mistress Matilda had captured the look of the portrait her dress was based on. For this, Her Majesty named Mistress Matilda as Queen’s Choice and gave her a token.

Even though the decision was difficult, Their Majesties did come to an agreement for the Arts and Sciences Champion. They called forwarded, Lady Elspeth of Wurm Wald. They had been greatly impressed by the spinning, dyeing, weaving, and hand-sewing of the dress she had made, as well as her embroidery and illumination. Their Majesties then named Lady Elspeth as Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion and placed the Champions baldric on her.

Their Majesties summoned before them, The Honorable Lady Cassandra Matisse of the East. Her Majesty stated She could not stop thinking about how wonderful the carrots THL Cassandra had made for the day board. The carrots proved to be so good that the royal children ate all their veggies. For her delicious carrots, Her Majesty presented THL Cassandra with a token for being Her inspiration for the day.

Their Majesties asked that all who had worked on scrolls presented in court to please rise and be recognized. Without their artistic endeavors, award recipients would not have a scroll to commemorate the occasion. Their Majesties then thanked the scribes for the creation of the scrolls.

Their Majesties again thanked the event staff and populace for a wonderful event and bid all the artisans to keep working their research and crafts.

There being no further business, the Court of Their Majesties was closed.