Court Reports of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc
Titus and Anna Leigh
October 11, AS 49 (2014)
Crown Tournament
Barony of Delftwood

Documented from the Scrolls of the Reign of Titus and Anna Leigh, King and Queen of Æthelmearc: the Business of Their Court at Crown Tournament 11 October Anno Societatis XLIX, in the Barony of Delftwood, accompanied by Their Excellencies Fergus and Helene, Baron and Baroness of Delftwood.  As recorded by Their Silver Buccle Herald, Kameshima-kyō Zentarou Umakai, with the assistance of THL Sophie Davenport, Seedling Pursuivant.

In the afternoon, upon the completion of the Crown Tournament:

Their Majesties stood upon the list field and did request that Duke Sir Timothy of Arindale and Duchess Gabrielle van Nijenrode kneel before them, for His Grace had proven victorious of the day. With much pride did They name His Grace as Their Heir, Prince of Æthelmearc, and he, in turn, named Her Grace, his consort, as the Sylvan Princess.

In the evening:

Their Excellencies begged a moment at the beginning of Court, though They had no business to conduct, so that they might thank all those who assisted in the making and display of the beautiful banners that adorned the event site.

Their Majesties received the fealties of Their Highnesses Timothy and Gabrielle, Baron Carolus and Baroness Isolda of the Rhydderich Hael, Baron Aquila and Baroness Bronwen of Thescorre, and Master John Michael Thorpe, newly named Kingdom Chronicler.

The Ladies of the Rose were invited to speak, as is their tradition, of the courtesy and chivalry displayed upon the Crown Tournament field, and to name one to carry the Æthelmearc Shield of Chivalry. This day, the Ladies had a particularly difficult decision, but their eye finally settled on Lady Beatrix Krieger, and named her to carry the Shield, which was given to her by its current bearer, Don William Parris. They also presented tokens to Baron Dominic McMoreland and Lord Blue Star, whose composure upon the field they also deemed of note.

Before allowing Lady Beatrix to take her place in Their Majesties' Court, however, They commended her for the high degree of skill she had shown upon the field, not only during the day's tournament, but for quite some time. There being an Order to recognize gentles of such skill, being the Order of the Gage, They convened that Order in Their Court, Granted Beatrix Arms and elevated her to the station of a Companion of that Order. She was presented with a set of gauntlets by Sir Murdoch Bayne that had been passed down among the members of the Order of the Gage in Hus Faerhaga and instructed to keep them until such time as another member of the Hus would be inducted into that Order. Scroll by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

While the Order of the Gage was convened, Lord Thorsol Solinauga was commanded to present himself to Their Majesties, Granted Arms and likewise inducted and elevated to that Order. He was presented with a set of gauntlets by THL Beatrix Krieger that had been passed down among the members of the Order of the Gage in Hus Faerhaga and instructed to keep them until such time as another member of the Hus would be inducted into that Order. Scroll by Meisterin Felicitas Flußmüllnerin.

Gentles known at the time solely as Barbara and Rick, at only their second endeavor into our Modern Middle Ages, were invited into Their Majesties' Court to participate in a tradition from His Majesty's homeland known as “The Name Game.” They were asked about what culture they found particularly interesting, what if any activities had piqued their curiosity, and such other questions so that the populace might offer them suggestions for names that they might use while in the Society. After some consultation with the populace there present, and with the advice of Kameshima-kyō, Silver Buccle Herald, and Maistir Brandubh, Tabor Herald, and in order to do due honor to the Baron of their homeland, they decided respectively on Babra ingen Fhearghus and Eamonn mac Fhearghus. In order to thank them for indulging His Royal whim, and to welcome them into the Barony and Kingdom, Their Majesties bestowed upon Babra and Eamonn Awards of Arms.

Baroness Elizabeth Johanna von der Flossenberg reported upon the Arts and Sciences competition that had taken place that day, and declared that THL Cristina inghean Ghriogair was the victor of the day. THL Cristina having already departed before Court, her spoils for the tournament, and a scroll illuminated by Lady Juliana Stafford and Lady Fenris McGill and calligraphed by Lady Gillian McGIll de Verona upon wording by Lady Fenris, were remanded into the custody of THL Gytha Oggesdottir, who promised to see them safely – after the delivery of appropriate ransom, of course – to THL Cristina.

Their Majesties summoned forth THL Madoc Arundel, Baroness Rynea Ingen of Stormsport, THL Rhiannon Elandris of Glyndyfrdwy, Heero-san Himoura, Lady Rivka bat Daniyal, and Verena Witkopf. After confirming that they had no idea what, save their participation in the day's Arts and Sciences competition, those six gentles had in common, His Majesty remarked that they were the only six entrants in the competition who were not yet Companions of the Sycamore. And as it was Their Royal right and privilege to alter such things, They did so, naming them all as Companions of that Order and, in so doing, Awarding Arms to Verena Witkopf.

Lady Lasairfhiona inghen Aindrais, well known for being an officer in the Shire of Hartstone, an MOL at many a tournament field, and a dedicated force in the kitchens and at all of Hartstone's events, was inducted into the Order of the Keystone in recognition of her tireless service to her Shire. Scroll by Lady Juliana Stafford.

Vita Cincinnatus came before Their Majesties at Their beckon call, and His Majesty remarked that, much like Him, she had a birthday coming up soon. And while celebrating their shared birthday would be cause enough, He, along with Her Majesty, had noted many things about young Vita. For example, she was one of the primary people responsible for the lovely site medallions. When she was not busy crafting things for the populace, she served as Royal Retainer, and had also been one of the list runners for the day's tournament. Such dedication in one so young should be rewarded, remarked His Majesty, and so They named Vita a Companion of the Silver Buccle.

Master Fridrikr Tomasson av Knussling Hamn came before Their Majesties to beg a boon. There was a certain gentle that had been his student, both as protegé and apprentice, for 16 years. And while she had learned many things from him, he had learned much, much more from her. He proclaimed that there was nothing more he could teach her, and he asked that Their Majesties make such arrangements as would be necessary to elevate Baronsfru Oðindisa Bykona to the Order of the Laurel. Their Majesties, knowing well the wisdom of Master Fridrikr, assented to his request and did charge Baronsfru Oðindisa to choose a time and place to sit vigil in contemplation of ascending to that Order. Scroll by THL Sophie Davenport.

Baron Fridrich Swartzwalder, the Kingdom Combat Archery Marshal, once again came before the populace, and this time did shame them for Æthelmearc's poor showing on the Combat Archery field at the recent Pennsic War, and lamented with much hue and cry how other Kingdoms' armies of archers made Æthelmearc's pale in comparison. Surely, he said, we can do better next year. Surely, he said, Æthelmearc can remind the rest of the Known World on whose lands the Pennsic War is fought! Come one, come all, he cried, don your armor and hoist your bow in service to the escarbuncle! Contact your local Combat Archery Marshal for more details on how you can enlist today!

Her Majesty prevailed upon all those in the Kingdom who bear brush and paint, that the Kingdom needs their service and their skill, for the Æthelmearc College of Scribes is currently low on scroll blanks, and is in somewhat desperate need of new supplies. If this art intrigues you, but you have not yet attempted it, creating scrolls blanks can be a fun and low-stress way of learning the art of illumination. All those who are interested in assisting should contact Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, Æthelmearc's Sylvan Signet.

Her Majesty then noted that, as His Majesty is fond of surprises, especially during Court, a surprise had been arranged for him. THL Desiderata Drake was called forth, and brought with her through the assistance of two large and burly men a table full of cupcakes, decorated and arranged in the colors and pattern of the Populace Badge of the Kingdom, in honor of His upcoming birthday. His Majesty, being both quite pleased with such a gift and impressed with the skill and dedication involved in crafting it, did invite the populace to join him in its consumption during the evening's feast. And probably afterwards as well. There were a LOT of cupcakes.

His Highness thanked all the combatants and their consorts that had helped to make this, the last Crown Tournament in which He planned to compete, such a memorable, enjoyable and heartwarming day.

His Majesty went on to thank the Autocrat for arranging the event, the cooks who kept everyone happily fed through lunch and for sure would satisfy even the most carnivorous appetites during the evening's barbecue, the MoLs, marshals, heralds and listrunners for conducting the tournament with both efficiency and presentation, and all those who attended the event, for everyone who attends does a service to the Kingdom by making the atmosphere of the day that much more enjoyable for everyone.

There being no further business, Their Majesties' Court was closed.